Liberia Projects

Liberia Projects

Here at Franconia Mennonite Church, we have built a relationship and partnership with multiple churches, Christian schools, and community organizations across Liberia. We are excited to see the changes we can make in the lives of those in need from across the world. We encourage you to prayerfully consider being involved —whether it be with prayer support, financial support, and/or serving on a team to help coordinate a project in Liberia.

Members of our congregation are planning to travel to Liberia in less than two months. Our team consists of: Tricia Bergey, Bruce and Jen Clemens, Larry Diener, Eddie Gboyah, Jeff Godshall, Brian Jenkins, Tim Nice, and David Zoegar. This group is meeting together to pray and make plans for their time in Liberia, and they desire to discern how the Lord would have them be most effectively involved in these various ministries.

Below is a summary of the 7 projects in which we are currently involved:


Christian Education Fund (Project #1)

We have sent tuition assistance for 275 students for both 1st and 2nd semesters. For Abundant Life Christian Academy, Charles Wesley Memorial Academy, and the orphan children sponsored by the Christian Women of Life. We continue to support 28 teachers and staff members with salary assistance.


Job Training for Women (Project #2) COMPLETED

                Our second project for our church reaches out to women in need of job training. This project has successfully raised the funds for 150 women to participate in 6-month job training classes in the following areas: Tie and dye, pastry making, sewing, soap making, catering, cosmetology, and agriculture. The committee is discussing and discerning next steps as we partner with the Christian Women of Life in this project.


Coconut Farm (Project #3)

                A coconut farm in Liberia can go a far way to help Bible Life International Ministries, which includes House of Transformation and Abundant Life Christian Academy, create sustainable income. Within 5 years this farm could provide cash crop and should be fully operational in 7 to 8 years. The funds that we raise will go towards labor and tools to clear land and plant the farm. Progress is being made, and the next phase of clearing the land is projected to begin the end of January or the beginning of February. The committee will present an update to the congregation at the end of this month including details about the project and the additional funding that will be needed to move through the next phases.


Completion of Church Buildings (Project #4)

                 The church buildings of Bethel Sanctuary of Faith and Gethsemane Church of Christ have not been completed due to the civil war and lack of funds. Both churches need basic things such as paint, tile, windows, ceilings, doors, electric, plumbing, and furniture. Each project has been divided into six phases. Though work has not begun on this project yet, Jeff, David, Eddie, and Brian will be giving particular focus to this while in Liberia.


Bibles (Project #5) COMPLETED

                All funds for this project have been raised to for Gethsemane Church of Christ to purchase 500 English Bibles and 750 Bassa Bibles to be used across 50 different churches.


Latrines (Project #6)

                We have gained enough support for the construction of the first of 6 latrines to be built in the town of Kaymah. Latrines help to reduce infection and promote sanitation. The Kaymah Town Youth Association is very excited about this project and is grateful for our support.  


Facility for Bible Life International Ministries (Project #7)

                We have raised enough to put a down payment for a new facility for Bible Life International Ministries! Though some complications have come about that delay this project being finalized. We are partnering with The House of Transformations to raise funds for this project.